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Beauty Glow facial mist spray

Beauty Glow facial mist spray

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Refresh, hydrate & pamper yourself! 
The mini machine creates micro nano mist that penetrates through your skin for better hydration. 
Keeps your skin moisturized. 
Can be used with water. 
Refreshes your face - keeps skin glowing & young. 
It also helps your serums and moisturizers absorb better. 
Retains fluids & nutrients in your skin, plus leaves a cool and energized feel! 
Capacity: 15 ml
Working power: 3.15 W
Size of regular model: 11.5 x 3 cm 
Size of model with mirror: 10.2 x 3 cm
Options: white with mirror, pink with mirror, white without mirror, pink without mirror 
How to use? 
Fill the water tank with water (use only water in the device) 
Press the button for desired amount of mist 
Charge via USB 


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